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  3. Michelle Gujer

  4. Wrapped in her Eyes Model: Giulliene Sanchez CANON 20D f/1.8 1/320 ISO 100 50mm

  5. Bubbly Model: Diane Domondon Location: Bayan Park

  6. Devour

  7. She-wolf

    Model: Aika Buenavista

  8. Silence

    Model: Aika Buenavista

    Location: Subic Int’l Hotel

  9. "Down"

    14-24mm f2.8

    Model: Christine Dimaculangan

    Location: Diplomat Baguio City Philippines

    Special thanks to JJ Sumineg for casting and the clothes

  10. "Pink"

    f/4 1/20 25mm ISO 100

    Model: Niquie Angelo

    Location: Woodsville Camp 7 Baguio City

    H&MUA” Diane Domondon and Aika Buenavista

  11. "Glistening"

    Canon 20D f/1.4 1/80 ISO 100 50mm

    Model: Yani

  12. "Siren"

    f1.4 1/250 ISO 200 85mm

    Model: Shauna Curran

  13. "Somber"

    f/5 1/100 ISO 100 50mm

    Model: Giullienne Sanchez

    Location: Burnham Park

  14. "Bite me"

    f/1.4 1/2500 ISO 100 85mm

    Model: Shauna Curran

    Location: Commissary John Hay